If it's aimed at Merlin or some other level 9 mages and * * masters, they don't even have to In this closed logistics camp, it is also built like a prison. The men's and women's camps a A sense of tiredness, from the spirit of the left eye, spread the soul, until the whole body. "The dragon blood emperor is invincible!" Fortunately, this tutor is him. If it is someone else, she will suffer a lot? The eight Jin who followed Zichen's side pouted, At this time, everyone's eyes to long Aotian are full of strong intention to kill, especially th The section of killing people and killing people is obvious.     “andaftermyskinhasbeendestroyed,yetinmyfleshi yself withmyo yheartyearnswithinme……amen.” At the same time, all kinds of magic machines produced by Xinfei chamber of Commerce have penetrated "All right, all right, let's go first." However, when he realized through the power of space, he could still feel a faint sense of unreal, n The next morning, Mo Zhitao went to the hospital to see the patient who had been appointed. Then he Purple Chen head also does not return to say: "still remember those who fled before? They should bec "Tut Tut, this girl is really excellent. I dare say that she has a good match with our king, Queen a Xu Huang, a great victory over CaO Hong, is also a tiger general to be reckoned with. The declaration of war between the two countries is just a show. "If you still feel entangled, don't forget that there are more people and less bullies," said Ab

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