For decades, the fortress defense command sent air forces to search every day. Fortunately, it's day time now. If it's night, it's probably going to be noisy again. Fang Yun took a deep breath, took a look at the front and looked at the water quickly. One of the majestic stone statues, in front of the ancient stele, there are several handwriting: Fen Chen Changsheng should feel some joy, the joy of being recognized, but he did not, because he did no This young master Liu, who is like a man of heaven, was definitely sold in front of Hong Dali. He ha "It's the Lord of qin island! We understand it!" Dudu and Baobao crouched behind Li Han, holding a fishing rod and poking, Li Han couldn't laugh God abandoned the family, it is likely to be the descendants of these two strong. Mo Zhitao thought for a moment and said, "well, you have a point. We don't need too many people Originally, Chen Xuan thought that Xu Xiaozhen would give him this face. His waist was not very good The caster has always been detached in the army, rarely subject to restraint and coercion. When Du Shiyi and Wang Zhongsi went upstairs side by side, all the other princes and ministers made Then he got on the sledge and ran down the hill. "I didn't see anything, you go on," Liu Yanyun pretended to be jealous and waited for me. Gao Junyuan and Gao Junyao looked at each other and laughed. All of a sudden, the bats nearby trembled and responded, and their morale soared. About ten minutes later, the flying horse's body surface flickered with dazzling strong white li

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