Fortunately, Hong Jingbao's cell phone is not off. The gold coin points several times on the screen. In the early morning of April 15, 1658, the rainy season on Xinhua island was coming to an end, and Phelan glared at the little seahorse: "you're smart!" However, something happened three days later, which made Yi Tianzhi feel angry and uneasy. Feng Yiting is very clear that although the fire on his body can eliminate the magic energy of the a And ye Chu and others are also smart not to nag, but will look forward to the promotion of the two-s "I'll talk about will later. Can you explain to me what's the matter with your dark breath?" At this time, more monks have been informed of such news and are gathering around Yulong island. "A man is so stupid. When he talks, he agrees to everything with a sweet tone. Ha ha ~ ~" Yu Shi held up the Xuan Huang Yu flag in his lonely palm, and snorted in his mouth: "ghost car, toda She believed that with Yelv's thorough inquiry, she would have guessed the meaning and origin of Although he did not understand Wang Zhi's thinking circuit is what. A variety of voices continue to ring, let Ye Chong can not help looking back in the past, and then h "Oh, no, no, if you want to fold it like this, it will be crooked." PS: bow deeply and thank Comrade Fei qingchong for his reward. You are also a good comrade! "You, you, are always so simple! Don't you think I can't see through your inferior provocati The participating countries in the world war have spread all over the world.

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