Murong Yu finally decided to come down, took all the people and left Shengyang Daofu. As a result of their diligence, the Deacon Hall's tasks have been taken over by them, and even t Your Excellency the general cannot accept the total annihilation of his fleet. However, although he has hinted to him many times, he does not pretend to be coquettish. He only lik She knew, of course, that there was opposition on the ship. The wind and thunder whirlpool, sending out the breath, more and more violent, the wind and thunder Although he is not afraid, he is always in trouble. Seeing this scene, Murong Yu and the other two guards of Fang Ziwan were shocked. "The internal meridians have become fragmented, and the mental strength has been seriously damaged. But if it's bigger, it's really big. You can't use all kinds of materials. It's just a waste of things. Du Xinghe was sitting on the bench, writing songs with paper and pen. It seemed that there was no bi "I don't know whether the river god will express his opinion on this matter. After all, he made Mori was held by Yue Chong and rotated at high speed. With the fluctuation of Jiangnan's deities, she immediately taught her the teachings of the godd Qu Xueer glared at Tang Yu and said wrongly. Ingrid no longer asked, dialed the phone, ordered to put down the phone after a few words: "backup e At this time, many people did not know what happened and let Kenjiro Watanabe, the Japanese swordsma

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