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It looked like pieces of colored, glowing glass, still moving, and he couldn't guess what it was "No way, five million is enough to smash this guy to pieces." The sound seeking sword is not a mortal, but a top weapon. Some of them even walk between life and death. At the beginning, he didn't think he had the ability to help the little girl, because he couldn& "Since you can't be a friend, you have to be an enemy..." Ye Zhuifeng shook his head and sighed: "It seems that the person who called Mr. Lu just now is amazing. I want to hear Mr. Lu's advice! "Master, I found out what planet the communication signal came from." Minos suddenly extended his arms, and Xiang Tianyu screamed. A large amount of blood burst out from A beautiful looking young woman in her early twenties was struggling in tears and crawling to rush t Lu black and white also know why Yue Chong is not happy. He promised Yue important to live well. Swordsman fell to the ground powerless, from his low face. All of us are in a daze. Even Mo Xi is a little confused. At last, the two leaves burst into tears. "Your Majesty, I will help you to undress..." "Nonsense, so much of it is for the sake of sacrificing profits. How many of us want to get this kin Qin Yu and the enchanter found a sofa to sit down. Bald old Li stood in the middle like an emcee and Ye Chen took a look at the black ape and said, "you will see how prosperous we are in heaven and ear

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